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Yoga online


Our videos last 25 min and include a full mind-body approach that combine yoga poses with breathing, core exercises and upper/lower body strength work.

This format is inspired by my own personal practice. I work two jobs, am a mother, a runner, a meditator and a yogini; I know how busy our lives can get. A 25 minute practice can fit in our busy schedule and be very efficient in caring for our body and mind. Repeating the 25 min practice 3 to 6 times a week will give you structure as well as enough familiarity to gradually flow through the poses with ease and grace.


We are delighted to introduce a new format with bilingual videos in both English and French or as Elise is famous for, in “Frenglish”.


When you subscribe, you’ll be able to access a new practice every week. The practice is designed to be repeated 3 to 6 times a week so that you become familiar with the poses and moves and are able to flow gracefully through it by the end of the week.

All subcription information coming very soon.

For whom?

The videos are designed to be accessible to all. The beginners will learn basic moves and poses, more advanced practitiioners will be able to refine their approach to yoga, yoga teachers will get inspired to create some fun flow for their own classes.

Méditation du lundi


Les séances de méditation reprendront en octobre 2022!