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eliseyoga global coaching

We provide daily support for your running adventures through plans integrating yoga, meditation and strength routines.

Distance Running Coach Certification

For whom?

  • Anyone really. You might be a very accomplished runner looking for an integrative approach to your sport or a complete beginner looking to get in shape. We will guide you and support you unconditionnally.
  • You might be a long time yogi looking to start running, or a runner wanting to start yoga or a little bit of both.
  • You might have specific goals such as running a 10k or a marathon, or finding answers and support during a yoga teacher’s training.
  • Whoever you are, we believe that you have the potential for great adventures.

Coaching philosophy

We wish to support you in developing confidence in your potential. A lot of our approach has to do with feeling and trusting your capabilities. We will push you sometimes to achieve your best potential, but it will always be done with care and gentleness. We don’t care how fast or how far you run, or if you can balance on your head, we would like to invite you to love training and view it as a daily exploration into who you are.


We’ll first ask you about you. What you like, how you feel, what your wishes are. From that, we’ll develop a training plan that is adapted to your needs and schedule. It can vary from 10 minutes to a few hours, is progressive and fully personalized. We are in touch on a almost daily basis through a google doc and through that we build a relationship based on trust and unconditional support.

Our training plans include running and a variety of simple tools that Elise has been using herself for many years: yoga to build strength, flexibility and prevent injuries; meditation to develop confidence and trust in who you are, simple core strength routines to build muscles and stamina.

Elise is a certified VO.2 distance running coach by world famous coach Jack Daniels, and a cerfified yoga teacher.

Practical information: