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For over 20 years, Elise has been transmitting a very down-to-earth approach to yoga that can be practiced on and off the mat with humor, precision and joy. She enjoys a fluid yoga practice where breath and movement unite in a complete mind body experience.

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We offer studio and online Vinyasa Yoga classes. Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic and creative practice that joins breath and movement for a fluid and complete body / mind experience. Our classes are all level, beginners are welcome. You'll enjoy a precise approach to yoga in a relaxed atmosphere.

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A deep thank you Elise for making the teachings so lively, accessible and profound.

— Aurélie Mena, Millau, 2020

I have discovered an infinite universe of possibilities.

— Brigitte Elie, Aix-en-Provence, 2020

I was not expecting the training to transform me so deeply. It enabled me to reveal myself and to take a whole new life path. I think that the main aspect of this training are the philosophical teachings, the path it puts you on.

— Eve Duvin, Avignon, 2020

The Teacher's Manual is a real gold nugget. It has brought me a lot till now and will stay with me for the rest of my life. It is so rich in meaning and knowledge. Thank you very much Elise, I admire your authentic heart and mind.

— Morgane Martineau, Aix-en-Provence, 2020

Signing up for the yoga training was certainly one of the best decisions I have taken so far. More than a set of teachings, I have discovered a whole new path and way of being with myself and the world. We leave the training transformed, do not hesitate if you are tempted, listen to your heart.

— Anne Sophie Thorel, Marseille, 2020

In a few words, here is my experience with Elise: magical, fun, passionate, nourishing, full of love, friendship, lovigkindness, generosity, support. A lot of studying, practicing, technical knowledge, but infused with "lila", joy and playfulness. After these 8 months, I have found my yoga, my color; I have grown and found my place.

— Pascale Tessier, Aix-en-Provence, 2019

Thank you so much Elise for teaching me that being myself brings the best presence when leading a class.

— Emeline Lescure, Millau, 2018

Elise has a big heart, she is tender and fair, thoughtful, authentic and available. I have been training with her to become a yoga teacher and this has been a fantastic journey. Just listening to her while practicing is pure joy. She breathes yoga and she knows how to transmit right attitude, right alignment and right action. Having her as my teacher was an honor.

— Marie Bailleul, Annecy, 2016

It was exactly the training I had been looking for for a long time. I am finishing it delighted and very happy I did it. Elise is an exceptional trainer, she taught me a lot in an atmosphere that was also exceptional. If I were to sign up again, I would not hesitate for a second.

— Valérie Lorenzo, Aix en Provence, 2016

Elise's training has brought me a lot. It has enriched my own practice of course but also, and especially, my personal life. The training has confirmed my love for yoga and my desire to share this art with as many people as possible. With clear and precise heartfelt teachings, Elise has provided me with a lot of tools that I will use for the rest of my life. She gave me the confidence to start teaching and to share my passion for yoga.

— Rachel Rousseau, Aix-en-Provence, 2016

Wonderful yogic approach, plenty of beautiful sharing thanks to Elise and her fairies, rich knowledge, and all of that with utter joy and simplicity. Just delightful, I wish it would never end. Thanks to the whole team.

— Valoo Tribout, Cucuron, 2016

Elise, your teaching is authentic and inspiring. I feel alive and my heart is open to new possibilities. Thank you.

— Vanessa Brandel, Marseille, 2016

I attended the training in 2014-15 and I am very happy I could do this with Elise. She really manage to reveal the teacher in me and to bring to light what was deep inside myself, to give me the confidence I needed; and all of this in a joyful atmosphere where everyone felt seen and heard.

— Pascale Bransolle, Aix-en-Provence, 2015

This training was a unique experience! I've learnt so many things, not only about yoga, but also about myself. Elise has given me confidence in myself and in my practice, and helped me fly with my own wings on the teaching path. Don't hesitate to join!

— Cécile Meyrier, Aix en Provence, 2015

Before completing the training with Elise, I wasn't completely committed to the path of yoga. The training reassured me, appeased me and gave me the space to explore at my own pace. I believe that the human dimension of the training still supports by yogic exploration. Thank you Elise.

— Valérie Grammatico, Paris, 2015

With an infinite kindness and skill, Elise has guided us in experiencing feeling, she reassured us as we were embarking on our inner journey and encouraged us when we had to share our love of yoga with others. I profoundly admire the vastness of her knowledge, the subtlety of her approach and her sensitive intelligence.

— Camille, Nogent sur Marne, 2014

A great memory thanks to all the delightful people I met and the general good humor. I learned to trust my experience and I deepened by technical knowledge.

— Valérie Bougardier, Paris, 2014

This experience will remain a part of who I am or rather the "feeling being" that I am starting to be. Beyond al the rich theoretical and technical teachings; I'd like to say that whatever you expectations may be when you start the training, they will be exceeded by what you'll really contact.

— Charlène, Paris, 2014

I came to this training highly motivated but also feeling intimidated and not up to the task. Yoga implying such a vast amount of knowledge, I did feel legit and ready enough to join the circle of yoga teachers. Thanks to the quality and subtlety of Elise's teaching -- the technical precision, the freedom to express one's personality and the truly useful technical tools --- I was able to overcome my doubts. This is a wonderful human experience where yoga rhymed with respect, friendship, sincerity, efficiency, and the other heart qualities I had been wishing for. I have proud of myself for daring to join the training, this adventure opened up an horizon of possibilities.

— Sylvie, Dijon, 2014


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Formation de yoga à Aix en Provence

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Formation de yoga à Aix en Provence